D.K. and Antinote discuss the new record (and chips of course)

DK is back on ANTINOTE with a second record that exudes refinement and class a la DK, meaning: perfect pastel pads with sophisticated cowbells, tasteful toms, riviera playboy boogie bass lines and risqué drums. We caught up with them to ask a few questions

ANTINOTE is a new one on us - Care to tell a bit more?

Zaltan:: Long story short, we created Antinote three years ago in Paris the 11th in a wine bar called Le Baron Rouge. I met IUEKE in that place, drinking wine, talking about records etc. He’s what we can call an icon in the record digging world.

Anyway, it finally appeared that he did techno tracks on cassette back in the days. Early 90’s to be precise. I worked him every day for a few months to get him one of his cassette. I listened to what is now the ANTINOTE001 record and my brain immediately broke out. We had to make a proper record of that.

In the mean time Nico Motte from the Graphic designer duo Check Morris joined the project for the artworks and the label was born. The line of Antinote is to push new names, local talents and work them from point zero.

Since 2015 I opened the roster to foreign artists as Inoue Shirabe from Japan, we gonna put out an unreleased project from 1984 from Paki Visnadi, two men from Venice, Italia. Later in the spring I’m gonna put out a record from a Lituanian artist, Domenique Dumont.

We are not a House Label, not very much a dance music label, all those projects are very different, but always crossover, leftfield and I hope, unique in their genre.

Who is DK? Not Simon DK we take it?

ZALTAN :: DK is the guy who’s joining us right now for the ITW J, He’s a friend from the Neighborhood. I met him through Low Jack. He already did put out a few tracks on Get The Curse and Odd Frequencies and we got along well enough to work together. He’s a key artist of Antinote and we put out his second Antinote release soon.

The whole EP has that summer in the 80’s vibe going on. What triggered that?

DK:: I like the idea of having a real imprint on each releases. On this one, i really wanted to have that 80's vibe. I guess this is what i do most naturally. I grown up with stuff like D-Train, Change or Kleeer, so…

If I say Yacht Rock, what do you immediately think of?

D.K.:: This famous track of Michael McDonald - I keep Forgettin'. Not only because it's the sample of Regulate by Warren G, i love the fact that a guy with a dog face can sing with so much sensuality.

Nice artwork on the record - who took that & where is it?

Zaltan:: From the very beginning the artworks of Antinote is by the duo Check Morris AKA Nico Motte and Matthias Pol. We created the label with Nico Motte actually. I don’t approve the covers they do what they want. I do the music direction of the label, they do all the images.

This record sounds like it was put together on a W30 - what was the deal with producing it? Synth whoring or software geeking?

D.K.:: I like this synth but for now, i'm working with a DX7 and a Casio CZ1. I'm thinking about buying a new one, so maybe a W30 is a good idea., thanks ! (no problem, always here to help! - unearthed)

What was the last record you bought?

D.K.:: It's an LP of The living Room aka Orlando Voorn - Roomservice, released in 1994. This record is amazing, especially those tracks call "The Army", "Whispering sounds" or "Room of Reflections". This is probably the most personal ambient house i ever heard.

Zaltan:: whaw, good question. I bought a lot of records this week. If you talk about new records I would pick the Macadam Mambo compilation. It’s too good. I jumped on the reissue of ARTHUR RUSSELL - CALLING OUT OF CONTEXT, JONNY NASH’S EXIT STRATEGIES, FRANCIS THE GREAT ON HOT CASA

Got any gigs planned to showcase this record? Whats coming up for you on the travel tip?

D.K:: We didn't plan any release party for the moment, but why not in Bournemouth if you want to? (Well, we got a mate we can ask!) - unearthed)

Zaltan:: We are touring in France actually. I play for a great party in Paris with Syracuse Live, Svengalisghost Live and other this Friday, then a serie of other gigs here and there. We also go together with D.K. playing in Toulouse soon. Going with IUEKE in Glasgow soon too I think. Life’s cool!

Now, the most important question for us. Do you like Chips?

D.K:: If it's homemade of course.

Zaltan:: don’t bullshit me about food it’s too precious. Food and good products, good wine is something crucial in my life. (No bullshit, Chips are life - unearthed)