Unearthed Sounds | 2.0

It has been a big year for us at Unearthed Sounds - So much so that we have some exciting news...

We are moving to a larger premises next week! We have been at our current shop for just shy of a year now, and it has not been without its restrictions. Those of you who have been here will have seen the giant jenga puzzle that we faced when getting stock ready to ship for our customers.

As we grew so rapidly we had to operate from our main premises, and then rent two smaller storage units as stock came in thick and fast. Logistically this has been a challenge, however we got our Company off the ground, and kept overheads to a minimum at the same time.

Now with the move to our new premises comes the space to grow and keep everything under one roof. We will be able to handle more orders & efficiently jump start the demand of our briskly expanding shop and customer base.

The final piece of the puzzle for us at Unearthed is Chris Marlow (Well-Tempered) will be joining us in the office on a full time basis, and Jon Wilson (Railbird Digital) will also have a desk. This means that we can handle production of your physical products and distribution of your digital music all under one roof. 

Thanks again for being involved with the Unearthed Sounds Project and we look forward to seeing more of you over the next 12 months.

Unearthed Sounds Ltd
Unit 33 Ventura Place
Factory Road
Poole BH16 5SW