Aural Imbalance takes the Tunes & Chips Challenge

We are proud of our South Coast roots around here, so it seems like we should fly the flag for our region. Lets shine our torch of truth on a proper South Coast Legend, and one of the nicest blokes in D&B (plus many other genres besides) Mr Aural Imbalance.

What was the last record you bought?

The last record I bought is the new John Tajeda album "Signs Under Test" this is the first record that I have actually purchased in a while. I have been very lucky to have been given a few other bits on vinyl recently including some new Greta Cottage Workshop tracks and a new collaboration track that I have done with Voyager which is coming out soon on Omni Records.

Do you see a difference between digital DJ’s and vinyl ones?

For me I think that the differences are really on the way that the tracks are delivered from a technical standpoint - which sounds obvious, but for me a great mix is about flow and the content of the music within it. My attitude towards it is if you were in a room without seeing the person mixing and you like the way that it works then it's job done, the format becomes irrelevant.

I think however that there is a level of skill in actually being able to use and mix vinyl well, but I think with digital performances it's about the other elements that you can introduce within your arrangement of the set. With electronic music, a big part of it must be about embracing new technologies but respecting the traditional values that can and should accompany this.

When is your next release? What label?

I have a couple of new bits coming out soon, firstly the AlphaBeta EP on Underground Music Records which is a two track slice of deep space house. As mentioned before there's a new track which is a collaboration with Voyager on Omni records, it is part of a limited edition double vinyl that features various d&b collaborators such as Tidal, Eschaton, Future Engineers, Cryogenics, DJ Trax and Justice to name but a few.

Also I have a couple of remixes coming out on Cadence, Within Records and Stasis Recordings which span a range of deep atmospheric tunes.

There's also a new CD album coming out soon, which is going to be under a new guise, keeping this on the down low at the moment but what I can say is it's a more ambient chilled based vibe. ;-)

How do you produce? In the box, or outboard whoring?

I really utilise both, I have a reasonable amount of outboard hardware synths and a sampler etc,
as when I first started getting my kit it was all outboard gear with a simple midi computer for arrangements etc. Now though the obvious benefits of quick cpu's and large storage facilities make it impossible to ignore, I love the feel of hardware but equally love the control that a studio computer provides.

The amen break - still relevant, or thrashed to death?

I think that it's still relevant, of course it has been used a lot but it still has an attraction as breakbeats go, it's one of those breaks that has a raw energy quality to it.

What does D&B mean to you?

Ambient D&B was the reason I started making tunes in the first place and it will always have a special place in my heart, but I love all deep space related music, from pure ambient works to house tunes. The synth based pad sounds just pacify me as a person and take me away from normality.

You are one of those odd Torquay Crew. Why did you stay down there?

Well thanks for the "odd" quote ha ha. To be honest I just like the more mellow nature of living near the sea and countryside, it's nice to be able to go out listening to some tunes whilst looking across the sea or taking a stroll out and about, although I must say I don't really make the most of it at times.

The other reason is the group of friends and crew that reside in and around the area, we have quite a close group of likeminded people who are involved in creating and promoting music in some way or another. I have never really wanted to go to the cities to try and become a big name musician to be honest, I just like to be able to make the tracks with no pressure and certainly living in this area helps with that.

Best party you attended in 2014?

If I'm honest I'm not much of a party person these days, so going out happens very rarely as far as nights out go, I'm more of a studio monkey nowadays. However if I would have to pick a night I would say the Cadence birthday party "Deeper Motion" was good fun, this was a chance to get everyone out for a social and the guys from advection music also came down from the Midlands to drop some tracks and listen to some good tunes and have a bit of a banter session.

What is your favourite city to visit? (doesn’t have to be for music purposes)

Cities scare me.

Do you like Chips?

Of course but I don't eat loads well not from the chippy anyway! I do like a good French fry though particularly from McDonalds however other brands are available ;-) I have to watch my figure when it comes to chips, a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips ya know ha ha ha :-)