Jane Fitz talks Tunes and Chips

Next in our infrequent Q&A sessions with people who we like, we are proud to present the lovely Jane Fitz. She used to be a well kept secret, but these days word seems to be getting out to a MUCH wider audience about her varied DJ sets and her production skills with music partner Dom (Invisible Menders)

Fresh off the back of playing in room 1 at Fabric, Jane actually bothered to answer our questions. Love her.

What did you do last weekend? Went for dinner with friends, ended up in the pub opposite my house til 3am because a friend was DJing in there, going home at various times in the night to make flasks of tea (this is true). Sunday I played in fabric.

You are unusual these days as you made your name as a DJ before becoming a producer - do you think this influences the music you write? Being unusual, or djing? I have been playing records for over 25 years and i've been involved in making music for almost 15 - so i was doing both for a while and no one really knew me anyway. The music i make, as Invisible Menders, is a joint effort with my friend Dom and a project we've been doing since 2008; we both play records so yes, what we buy and what we play seeps into our studio sessions, definitely.

When is your next release? What label? We've got a track coming out on a Various Artists' ep for Boe Recordings, which is run by my good friend Ben, sometime in the first half of this year. We're hopefully doing a two-tracker for Greta Cottage Workshop at some point. And another pal who is starting a label has asked us for something. And there are a few remix things - but as usual, we're not in a rush, so I really don't know when. Me and Dom live on opposite sides of London to each other, we both work quite strange hours, so we only get together sporadically. It can be frustrating not seeing each other more, but over the past six years we've worked out how to be productive when we do get together. It also means we always make different-sounding tracks. And that suits me.

How do you produce? In the box, or outboard whoring? A little bit of both. We both spend all our money on records, rather than gear, so we've got a very basic studio set up. I don't really think it matters - it's your ideas that count.

What was the last record you bought? Good question. I rarely buy just one record, so it would probably be a few. One that stands out is the latest on Indigo Aera - one of them is a broken beat track. I'm all for a bit of that.

Why didn't vinyl die like all the doomsayers said? Because the future is unwritten.

You live in East London right? Have you always lived there, or did you ride in on your fixie? I don't have a fixie... isn't that a bit 2010 anyway? (don't ask us, we are well regional - all about the BMX still here) I live in London Fields, which is a nice bit of Hackney. I have lived in my present spot for the past six years - that means i moved in when it was still shit, pre-hipster wave. Before that i lived in Caledonian Road, which is a shit hole in north London. Before that Leytonstone, which is east. Before that Hong Kong, Bow (also east), and Barking, where i was born, which is where London meets Essex. So yes, east London is in my bones and I always seem to come back to it.

Best party you attended this year? It's only January, isn't that a bit premature? (smart arse) If you mean in the past year, then obviously a Day or Night Moves... the party i run with my mate Jade, in London. They are always the best. You might think I'm biased. But i know the truth.

What is your favourite city to visit? (doesn’t have to be for playing records) Actually - any city I've never been to... I'm always keen on those. Ones I've really loved include Copenhagen, Kyoto, Palma, LA, Belgrade, Jodhpur, Sofia, Manchester, Detroit... but there are loads I've yet to sniff around or return to. Basically, I love cities, I love mountains, I love the beach and I love the countryside. But I really don't like towns. Or suburbs. You can keep those.

Do you like Chips? With a capital C? Like the 1980s TV show with Erik Estrada? Yes i loved that aged 9. And chips as in fries as in potatoes... now you KNOW i love those (don't infect them with ketchup or mayo though).