Unearthed Mix #2 | S1DJ | LDMUSIC

Unearthed Sounds Mix Series caught up with S1DJ, who owns and runs LDMUSIC. Based in South London, showcasing 'Musical' drum & bass from a broad spectrum of worldwide artists. Get your ears around a tasty mix done exclusively for us.

Since 2010 the label has been gaining a reputation for releasing quality Liquid D&B through various singles & EPs whilst introducing new producers to the drum & bass scene. 


Off the back of the new release, Furney - Spaghetti Western / You, we caught up with S1DJ and fired a few questions at the man like...

1) Quality artwork on the new LDM001 record, who came up with that idea?

Have to hold my hand up to that one! Inspired by memories, old flyers and tape packs I've collected, am glad you like! Wait until parts 2,3 & 4 get released & then you'll see the full design start to take shape, bit of a throw back to the old Moving Shadow 2on1 series they released in a pizza box circa 94!

2) Whats the story behind LDMUSC?

LDMusic as a label has evolved from Liquid Drumz, founded in 2010 and previously releasing music from the likes of Rowpieces, mSdoS, soulTec, Flowrian, Pulsaar & LaMeduza to name a few..  

Deep down we've always had a burning desire to release vinyl & over the last year have been building up to this point & are so proud to actually see our vinyl in the stores! #livingsomesortofdream

3) Are you a vinyl purist, or do you see room for all formats in your collection/sets?

To be fair I used to totally be a vinyl purist however as with the times, new technologies & so the mountains of tunes that don't make it to wax I've kinda had to embrace other formats and the fact I set up a digital label! Currently using Serato Scratch Live for my digital selections however I'm forever the traditionalist so vinyl will always be my preferred format to mix on. #nosyncbuttonona1210

4) The Amen Break - Bored of it, or massive fan?

Could listen to that break all day long and at various scales up & down the pitch as well, the beats are just so phat! 

5) When it comes to making music, are you D&B all the way, or is there room for other jams?

For what its worth on my productions, I've have played around a bit in Cubase & Reason trying to make some dnb, downbeat & house tunes over the years but the least said about those the better so its best I leave all that stuff to producers like Furney! . :)

6) Production wise, are you an in-the-box kind of producer, or an outboard twiddler?

Defo a twiddler, pen tapper, hands on type producer! Love to make some noise on my drum kit when I get the chance. #notoften

7) What is the best club night at the moment?

Maybe a bit of a biased answer me being involved with the night but innerSoul for me has created some special vibes this year! 

8) Have you ever made Dub Plates? If so, do you still do it - and where?

Cut my first Dub this year & have seriously the bug for it especially after seeing the cutting process during our mastering session with the man that can Shane the Cutter at Finyl Tweek. #highlyrecommended

Getting a Dub cut at Music house is on the cards in the new year as that place has done so much for the scene over the years, it would be rude not to pay homage now the label is doing vinyl! 

9) Can you be considered properly ito D&B if you don't have a pair of Airmax 95's?

Haha, not owned a pair of them since 95! Have to say yeah because I roll around in flossys all year & I'm properly into D&B! :) 

10) Do you like chips?

Are they coming with gravy?