A History of Mudkid and Greta Cottage Workshop | Dub Techno and Chips

The shadowy figure that is Mudkid is a hard man to track down. He has been releasing on Greta Cottage Workshop since the label started - back when it couldn't afford to put out vinyl and was a net label only. With a new record due any minute now, this is as good a time as any to have a closer look.

Since the GCW stable moved over to Unearthed Sounds for Distribution we got hold of him through their label boss, and fired a few questions at him. Turns out that Mudkid is the stoned late night version of a certain Mr Frankin De Costa...

But first, here is a recap of his adventures with Greta Cottage Workshop so far.

The very first thing was The Brain From Planet Mud EP, released back in 2010. It set the scene for wonky dub techno aimed at the dance floor. A track that later appeared on vinyl first popped up here.

Next up, and following pretty quickly on the heels of the first release was The Sugar Express E.P, again with the same dub techno feeling, and again with a track that would rear its head on the Muddy Blues EP.

The next release was a landmark in the GCW History. It was the first vinyl that was fully funded by the label. They had done a previous split EP with Brun Swayzak, sharing the costs and the artwork on a limited 12" release of a remix of another GCW project, Out of Platos Cave. Here however was a release that reflected the vibe of Mudkid, keeping it Dubby pressed on a 10" (We at unearthed dug up a few of them unsold recently, but they disappeared pretty quickly) 

Like the previous split EP, it was cut by Jon Dent at LOUD Mastering - Matt the label boss always attends the cut, a signature of the label.

After a little holiday from the Cottage, 2013 saw the release of the Muddy Blues E.P. This was presented in the traditional style of a GCW 12" vinyl release, a hand sprayed, stencilled sleeve on recycled card, hand stamped record and 180g vinyl. This record had the previous favourite tracks on the digital releases from Matt, and two new ones, Brownswitch and Fulltime Volldepp.

Critical mass was reached after this release, and the GCW crew started out doing gigs around and about as a Collective. It is now not unusual to catch Mudkid, Onlyz & Winkles, Wasserfall & half of VtotheD on one bill. It was on one of these forays that the tracks for the new 10" were decided on. 

Burning Bridges / Turn Out is a real reprise of the vibe of that first record. If you have GCW01V you NEED GCW11V as the pair are like a double pack with a few years in-between. 

Anyway, that is enough back story, here is a little Q&A with the Man himself.

US:  How are you?
F: Bit early but fine. Up late again playing with machines.

US: So your next Mudkid E.P comes on Greta Cottage Workshop?
F: Yup, most of them do actually.

US: Where did you met the GCW chaps?
F: Cuddlr. We clicked immediately and now this is the 3rd Vinyl. Time flies when you are having fun...

US: Ok how do you produce?In the box, or outboard whoring?
F: Computer plus analog stuff. Nothing fancy. Try to keep it fresh and surprise myself everyday. I have even sung on a record. 

US: What was the last record you bought?
F: Some mudkid back stock from Discogs so we can keep the prices artificially high - we aim to buy a Caribbean Island soon and move the Cottage out there. Also, this was delivered about 10 mins ago Various ‎– Rhythms Of The Pacific Volume 1

US: Why didn't vinyl die like all the doomsayers said?
F: Batman likes vinyl! The heads keep buying it? The Doomsayers have too much time on their hands to write crappy internet articles? Who knows?

US: Do you ride a Penny Farthing?
F: That´s personal. I can however confirm that Arnaldo has recently moved to Berlin, and can be seen riding the streets on his custom pink version.

US: Best party you attended this year?
F: Although it gets boring reading and saying it, Free Rotation. If you haven't heard about it, good. Some things are best kept under your (top) hat.

US: Does Berlin still cut it? Or do you have another favourite place?
F: For living berlin is still good. Cheap places to eat out, and although the rents are rising as far as Europe goes it is hard to beat.

US: Do you like Chips?

F: Only sweet potato ones

Well, there we go. All the news, all the time from Unearthed Sounds. The record is out on Monday 4th November. Buy one if you like your music proper.