Unearthed Release Sheet 03.11.2014

New Releases

Greta Cottage Workshop (GCW11V)
Mudkid - Burning Bridges / Turn Out

10" Clear Green Vinyl

a. Mudkid - Burning Bridges
b. Mudkid - Turn Out

Innamind Recordings (IMRV011)
Mikael - Smiling Face

12" Vinyl

a. Mikael - Smiling Face
b1. Mikael - Wada
b2. Mikael - Sandwell

Chestplate (CHST034)
Sleeper - Lander

12" Vinyl

a. Sleeper - Lander
b1. Sleeper - Crucially Dubbing 
b2. Sleeper - Stronghold

Theory - High Grade / Every Moment Is Precious

12" Vinyl
(Drum and Bass)

a. Theory - High Grade
b. Theory - Every Moment Is Precious

Melting Pot (MPR17RAGV3)
Fak Scratch & Mooncat - Ready Or Not

12" Vinyl
(Drum and Bass)


a. Fak Scratch & Mooncat - Ready Or Not
b. Kursiva & Mooncat - Wissen

Still Fresh

Samurai Horo (SMGHORO001)
Kiyoko - Fragments EP

12" Vinyl

a1. Kiyoko - Archway
a2. Kiyoko - Fragments
b1. Kiyoko - Lost Object
b2. Kiyoko - Headlights

Synkro and Bering Strait return to Samurai Horo as Kiyoko to follow up on their sold out EP from the label's first incarnation. Their elegant flow has developed organically into an entirely singular voice squeezing beauty out of every note of their unique version of ambient electronica. 

Limited edition marbled vinyl 12" only

Samurai Horo (SMGHORO002)
Ena - Dirt EP

12" Vinyl

a1. Ena - Purple Finch
a2. Ena - Gab
a3. Ena - Deluge
b1. Ena - Dirt
b2. Ena - Halation
b3. Ena - Chiasma

Ena warms up for his imminent 'Binaural' LP on Samurai Horo with 6 tracks of total individuality, taking sprinkles from a diverse range of electronic influences and blending them into what is undoubtedly his very own style. Like a foggy ghost story with kick drums, the 'Dirt' EP trains our ears for what is to come fromm 'Binaural'

Limited edition marbled vinyl 12" only

WhoDemSound (WHODEM003)
WhoDemSound Presents Quantum Soul

12" Vinyl
(Dubwise / Dubstep)

a. Quantum Soul - Stepping Up
b. Quantum Soul - Extract Of Dub

Kokeshi (KOKESHI011)
Atsuko & Stompbox - By Dawn / Two Dog Night

12" Vinyl
(Bass / Dubstep)

a. Atsuko & Stompbox - By Dawn
b. Atsuko & Stompbox - Two Dog Night

Moonshine Recordings (MS015)
Madplate Sound ft Dan I - Cool Down Me Nervs
(Dubstep / Bass)
Moonshine Recordings (MS016)
Jacky Murda & Tuffist vs Levi Roots & Mikal Rose - Cool Me Off
(Dubstep / Bass / Drum and Bass)
Jungle Cakes (JC029)
Ed Solo - Here I Come / Ganja Smuggling
(Drum and Bass)