Unearthed Release Sheet 22.09.2014

New Releases

Hot Haus Recs (HOTSHIT012)
Willie Burns - I Wanna Love You EP
(House / Bass)
12" Vinyl
Hot Haus Recs (HOTSHIT006)
DJ Haus - Thug Hauz Anthems Vol 2 (Re-Press On Red Vinyl)
(House / Bass)
12" Red Vinyl
WNCL Recordings (WNCL021)
Ekoplekz - Rock La Bibliotek E.P
(Abstract / Electronic / Leftfield)
12" Vinyl
Roots & Future (RNF003)
DJ Madd - RNF003
(Dubstep / Bass)
12" Vinyl
New Moon Recordings (NMN010)
Perverse - Champion Dub (White Vinyl Limited to 300 Copies)
(Dubstep / Bass)
12" Vinyl
Mantra (MANTRA001)
Quantum Soul & Katya Gabeli - Emergence/ Nemawashi
(Dubstep / Bass)
12" Vinyl

Still Fresh

Local Action (LOCLP004)
Slackk - Palm Tree Fire
(Grime / Bass)
12" Vinyl


White Asega (WA003)
Low Concept - Bugz (Alex Coulton Remix)


Greta Cottage Workshop (GCW10V)
VtotheD - Twofold EP
12" Vinyl

a1. VtotheD - Futureworld

a2. VtotheD - Seven Up
b1. VtotheD - Within Lines
b2. VtotheD - Grey Lodge Smoke


4Bit Productions (4BITP-005)
Ulrich Troyer - Songs For William 2
(Dubstep / Bass / Electronic)
2 x 12" Vinyl and Comic

a1. Shake Your Knobs

a2. Stone Age Circuits
b1. Summer Reverb
b2. Cable Loss
c1. Deadlock
c2. Hardwired
d1. The Circuit Bender
d2. Landscapes