You don't counterfeit unpopular goods! | Vinyl & CD

It stands to reason that counterfeit pirates don't manufacture unpopular goods! So you can forget your wonky stussy tee shirts and prada shoes with the logo spelt wrong, it is all about the pirated CD and vinyl this summer!vinyl record stamper

Although details on the actual equipment found is sketchy, Police did say that there was capacity for manufacturing CD's, DVD's and Vinyl. I am very interested to find out exactly what the manufacturing process was for these bootlegs.

Another thing I would like to know (and I can't find this information despite searching hard for it) is what artists they are actually copying? Is this a case of forged Beatles albums? Or another load of Moodymann boots?? Could this stuff be making it into records shops as classic 'under the counter' gear?

Yes, it is true - Germans still buy CDs. In fact, they still occupy 70% of the market share (there you go little indie labels, get your CD's out for the Germans)

Obviously, nobody likes to see musical royalties being stolen from Artists, this is a clear sign that demand is there, and growing even for these products. It can be seen as yet another sign that our industry is doing well.

"while digital piracy makes the headlines, this case clearly shows that the industry also continues to take action against those who illegally make money through the manufacture, distribution and sale of unlicensed physical media"

Jeremy Banks : IFPI Antipiracy Chief 

See the BBC report here