Unearthed Sounds | Label Focus | Kokeshi

Here at Unearthed we are very proud to say we work with the labels we do. These posts are a chance for us to give you a little insight into the labels we work with individually.

This time around we focus on Kokeshi, with a forthcoming release due from Atsuko & Stompbox we thought it only right to take a closer look at the label output up until now....

Kokeshi is the personal project of Alicia Bauer aka DJ Alley Cat. Since 2009 the imprint has established itself with a unique, lush approach to electronic music from 130 to 170 BPM.

Introducing new artists to the world like Lung and Irrelevant, the label also won best dubstep remix on the official Dubstep forum awards with the Kryptic Minds remix of Lung's anthemic 'Afterlife' which was also picked up by several major dubstep compilations.


With a 140 BPM remix from DnB visionary Calibre (aka Dominick Martin)  released in 2011, the rest of the year saw more singles from the label including a 12" from rising star Bulb, and the debut album project from Irrelevant.


Two more albums followed over the next 2 years :  first Kokeshi 'Kompilation' featuring favourites and unreleased tunes from the highly popular Kokeshi ((pod))kasts and Irrelevant’s follow-up album ‘Little Figurines.’ A single from Compa and an EP from newcomers Kotkee filled up the rest of 2013. This year promises more from label regulars as well as newcomers. 

To top this off the Kokeshi Klub nights have been spreading across the UK and Europe with regular appearances at key venues including regularly at London’s Fabric, and always with a star studded lineup of guests. 

A highly respected DJ in her own right, Alley Cat's vision in bringing together a Kokeshi Kollective of DJ's and like minded artists is the perfect recipe of music for todays crowds who are more and more disregarding genres and tempo's in favour of musical depth.