New Mudkid 10" | GCW11V | Dub Plate Cut | Star Delta Mastering

Greta Cottage Workshop are in the process of producing a new record from Mudkid. This new record will be a coloured 10" Limited to 300. Distributed by us at Unearthed Sounds.

This is detailed video of a dub plate of the track being cut, for comparison purposes. (and just because they can) Lewis at Star Delta Mastering is in charge of the dials.

This record is a reprise to the very first GCW record, also a coloured 10", and also by Mudkid. You can check out this record also being mastered, this time at LOUD Mastering with Jon Dent in Taunton.


Matt from Greta Cottage Workshop says "if you can get to attend your cut, you really should. Having a hands on approach can give you the sound you really want - plus it is always an education to work with a Mastering Engineer. You may think you know what you re on about, but odds on you will learn something new about the process every time you go"

This record will be out in late September, the label are currently waiting on a manufacture date. Well Tempered vinyl brokers are handing the manufacture this time around for the label.