Easing those Vinyl Distribution problems!

It has been 3 weeks now since the unfortunate news that ST Holdings is closing its doors.

worldwide vinyl record distribution

We have been inundated with phone calls and emails from labels big and small wondering what their next move should be? In the majority of cases, we at Unearthed Sounds have been able to create a bespoke solution alongside our partners at Well Tempered & Railbird Digital for the vast majority of these labels. (If we didn't think the fit was right between them and us we were honest about it and guided them elsewhere)

There has been very little to zero disruption to the labels that have joined up, and we have been able to get their new releases and back catalogue up for sale in both our own online store, and of course distributed to shops big and small in the UK, Europe and worldwide.

To date, some of the labels we have helped include Greta Cottage Workshop, Artikal Music, Mordant Music, Paradox Music, Narratives Music, Hot Haus Recs, Local Action, Innamind Recordings, System Sound and many more superb labels. The full and current list can be viewed here.

We have been able to arrange same day transfer of vinyl stock from the ST Holdings warehouse to our own storage solutions, and in some cases got a new release on the release sheet that same week!

It has been helpful to many of those label owners that they are still dealing with the same people that they were back in the ST Holdings days.  Unearthed Sounds have also expanded on the client base to achieve better coverage for our labels, so that the sales model that they were pursuing can still be operational and improved upon.

Unearthed Sounds has been overwhelmed with the enthusiasm that has been shown for our new business, and would like to take this opportunity to thank all those labels that have joined us in these turbulent times - and would also like to reassure any new labels heading our way that we have more than enough capacity to take you on.