ST Holdings is Closing | End of an Era - Start of another.

ST Holdings has been a backbone of the electronic music distribution scene for over 15 years.

Not only was it a stalwart of the D&B scene, but it also blazed a trail in the distribution of Dubstep back in the mid-naughties.

However times change, and in music more so than in most things. The opportunity has been taken to start my own vinyl distribution service from a bricks and mortar premise in Bournemouth. Jon Wilson, who was also at ST for many years has also started a new company. Railbird Distribution can take care of every aspect of the digital side of your musical products.

We have continued to work with a number of ST Holdings related labels, and we are striving to make the transition from one distribution company to the other as smooth as possible. The stock is arriving and getting stored at our new premises - catalogued quickly and turned around to the shop as quickly as possible, meaning that the labels can keep the cash flow going.

Another string to our bow is working closely with Well Tempered. They are a new vinyl broker, that also became a separate entity from ST Holdings in the past year. Chris Marlow has links with all the vinyl factories and can get your vinyl made to the highest standard and help you stick to budget.

If you are a label that has been hit the ST Holdings shutdown, please get in touch with us and talk things over. We are here to help.