Buying Records Like We Used To... August 01 2017

A few weeks back I was returning from a friends wedding, it wasn't all that late and we had a couple of friends with us - so we decided to grab a few brews and head back to our place for a while to hang out.

Inevitably after a few beverages the conversation moved into musical territory with the usual 'oh have you heard the new track by so-en-so and have you checked out the new mix by DJ XYZ.... So out came the aux cable and the YouTube battle commenced, as with these things it could have gone on for hours, perhaps days and it did bring us through to the first crack of daylight. However that's just the story that got me here and not the point of me writing down my thoughts....

Once the haze had cleared the following day, I managed to piece back together the shards of my mind I had seemingly left scattered around the house and got thinking about the ease of what had occurred last night regarding the tune for tune; mix for mix battle Royale.

The accessibility we now have to the music we love is incredible, streaming and podcasting sites have made this possible over recent years and we have a lot to be thankful to the tech gods of the world for. Skip back just a few short years and the landscape was one of a very different look.

I was thinking back to how a night like that would have rolled out around 15 years prior to this one, and of course that was easy as I know full well that similar events were occurring in my life but with very different and limited tools at my and my friends disposal. One particularly stand out occasion would have been in around 2002/03 sitting in a local park watching the sun come up with around 5 or 6 friends but we had what seemed at the time the incredible luxury of musical accompaniment, this was I might add very primitive in terms of what we now have access to, the 'Sound System' compromised of 2 mono battery operated speakers, a Sony Walkman and a cassette and due to the fact we managed to lose or bust up what ever else we had with us I know for certain this specific night the set/mix in question was DJ Hype recorded live at Jubilee Jam from a tape pack 'Best Of British'

To be quite honest we were all pretty fed up of it by the end of the night and i think it took quite a few years for any of to face listening to it again.

My point is this, back then this was our way of hearing new music, sets we couldn't make it to the rave for, new sounds to look for next time we headed into town to go record shopping. These would often hold strong debate also.... 'nah I definitely think that's a xxx tune' 'no way mate, his drums have never sounded like that'

This information is now easily accessable when listening to mixes as most streamed DJ sets come with a track list - which is of course great and saves a bunch of time when researching music for your next purchase. I can't however forget the romance involved in walking into the record shop, hunting through the bins find that tune, you know 'that one like...' then proudly returning to show your mates you were in fact correct about the identity of the producer... slammed down the wax and collectively marvelled at the wonder of the majic one of you had just found.

Distributors and shops have exactly the same luxury based on new terchnologies. It used to be that (in the not so distant past) the reps at distributors would phone the buyers in the shops and play the records that were new that week down the phone to the buyer who would then make the decision as to wether or not they would stock the release, from there they then had to sell these records to the punters coming into the store in a much more interactive way than they would today. The customers were much less in the know about new releases and their imminent arrival, yes they may have heard their favourite DJ play it in the club or on the radio that weekend but the release information and the ability to check out the tracks on line was not as readily available as it is now.

Most record labels and distributors will make the release information and sound clips available weeks ahead of release, this gives the customers and the shops the chance to make a decision earlier about wether they will be wanting to add the record to their collection. From shop level this has also made the buying process easier, particularly the online stores who can offer a pre order option as by the time the release is actually shipping out the stores will have a very good idea of how many they will need based interest from their customers meaning that they are not buying a record so much in the dark and being reliant on their taste as a buyer for the shop.

From a customer perspective it is also much easier, as you can sit in the comfort of your own home checking out the music over and over again prior to actually committing to buying the record. This means you are much more likely to play the record more having spent more time with it prior to the release - because lets face it we have all dug through our record collections and pulled out a few howlers and wondered "why do I even own this"

Author | Mat Harwood

Aural Imbalance | Tunes & Chips June 01 2017

Ahead of his new EP on As Shadows Pass, we caught up with Aural Imbalance inside his local chippy, crispins, to ask the real questions.

Distributed Worldwide by Unearthed "Junglist Movement" Official Merchandise May 25 2017

Original & Official, High Quality Merchandise

Established in 1998, Aerosoul is the original supplier of the World famous "Junglist Movement" clothing brand. For the first time since its inception they have teamed up with a distributor and Unearthed are proud to represent it.

Founder & Designer Leke Adesoye founded the brand after training at the London College of Fashion, bringing together two of his driving passions, music, in the form of underground jungle, hip-hop, soul and breakbeat, and fashion, realising his dream of creating an Exclusive urban streetwear company. Throughout the next 17 years, Aerosoul has established itself and has gone on to achieve more than any other similar brand. The defining ethos of Aerosoul is combining music and fashion, by capturing the energy of the music by design, branding, and ultimately, clothing. Original, highly sought-after exclusive urban streetwear is the result, including the now-iconic Junglist Movement t-shirt. The brand has taken on an international presence, and is worn across the globe by the very biggest names in urban music and beyond, and famously immortalised in the cult-classic 90's film Human Traffic.

We will be stocking and distributing the full range of Aerosoul merchandise. 

All stock comes poly-bagged, re-labelled by hand and comes with a Aerosoul / Junglist Movement pin-badge. It's worth emphasising that this is a super high quality product, the T-shirts themselves and the quality of the print means they will stand the test of time.

junglist movement

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Unearthed 3rd Birthday Discount April 14 2017

It's Unearthed's 3rd birthday today. To celebrate we are offering everyone a one day special offer of 10% off your total order value. Simply enter the code 3RDBDAY at checkout to take advantage!

Here's to many more birthdays to come! Thanks for your continued support!

Team UE.

Tinnitus | A solution for the Ravers Curse? April 10 2017

I've had on again, off again Tinnitus for years.

Way too much time spent down the front at raves sticking my head in the bass bins, followed up with a decade or more of attending a gig or two every week.

Unearthed Store Updates April 04 2017

This week we have made some improvements to the site. It's been a while since we have modified the appearance of the site, but the following updates have been in the works for a little while.

Latest Site Updates Include:

  • Thumbnail images related to products reduced in size
  • Best Sellers section added to homepage
  • Recently Viewed & Featured Recommendations section added to genre pages
  • Customers who Bought this also bought.. section added to product pages

The thinking behind reducing the size of the thumbnails was simply to create a better navigation experience on the site. The ability to basically fit more content on the page and allow people to quickly scan through latest releases a little bit easier.

As time progresses the 'Best Sellers' and 'Recommendations' will improve in accuracy based on customer habits. So initially what you are seeing in these sections may not be a fair reflection of sales habits until there is more data going through the system.

unearthed best sellers

Hope you like the updates.
If you have any comments/criticisms or improvements you would like to see then do get in touch with us.

Thanks as ever for your support!

Producers sharing Private Tracks on Soundcloud | Piracy Warning April 04 2017

Unearthed would like to point out that a very common way for Producers and Record Labels to share demos and works in progress is actually risky from a Piracy point of view. 

Unearthed Super Sale Activated! March 28 2017

Activated from today is our SUPER SALE in which we have discounted a ton of fresh vinyl with up to 40% off the original price. Simply click the link above or image below to head straight to the sale section and have a good old crate dig.
Very limited quantities are available on the majority of titles so don't hang around if there's something you're after. Once they're gone they're gone!

unearthed sale

How to shop by label on Unearthed Sounds March 09 2017

Here's some tips as to how to navigate and use the Unearthed store particularly if you like to shop by label.

All labels on our store have their own unique store URL. On our Vinyl Distribution page we have a complete list of labels that Unearthed handle distribution for. Clicking on their label logo will take you to their label product pages.

unearthed distributed labels

Also when looking at a product on the site, below the catalogue number on each product is a hyperlink to that particular labels product page. So clicking this will take you to their list of available releases.


Happy hunting!

Unearthed now accepts Bitcoin March 07 2017

Unearthed Sounds now accept online payments in the form of Bitcoin for all purchases from our website. In a bold move we have decided to provide the option due to the ever increasing popularity of this form of currency.

In fact Bitcoin's value has increased exponentially in the last few years and it's tipped to continue as the value of fiat currencies gets ever more vulnerable.

bitcoin price

To read more about Bitcoin head here:

It's really easy to pay for music from Unearthed using Bitcoin, simply select the option at Checkout and follow the instructions. As long as you have a funded Bitcoin wallet you will be able to process payment.

The Unearthed Sounds Top 15 Pieces of Warehouse Equipment | 2016 December 05 2016

This being the 'Music Business' in December, nobody will take you seriously unless you post up a chart or two. Please accept our offering, as literally minutes of research went into compiling it.

#savefabric September 09 2016

Cameron Leslie: "Since 2001 we've turned over 81 dealers that we've found at the door (Fabric), and only 1 has been prosecuted"

Lenzman Launches "The North Quarter" August 25 2016

If you haven't already heard the news, Lenzman announced yesterday the launch of his brand new self-managed label entitled "The North Quarter", an imprint that he can focus heavily on and release some in demand productions from himself, and apparently from others too.

The first release is a 4 track vinyl release and 10 track Digital EP, featuring Lenzman's stone cold classic remix of Children of Zeus' "Still Standing", featuring MC DRS.

An official video has been made available for this particular track, check it out  >>

The 12" Vinyl EP is now available to pre-order via the store HERE.
Released 23rd September 2016
Worldwide Distribution will be handled by Unearthed Sounds.

Pre-orders This Week [Our Picks] August 10 2016

We've picked out five tasty morsels from our new Pre-orders available this week. Some of which may not already be on your radar. We like to dig a little deeper now and then to uncover those gems. Here's the list to wrap your ears around:

      1. Datach’I – System [2x12" LP]

        "After a decade’s absence, spent working in commercial sound design, New York based electronic musician and producer Joseph Fraioli returns to his Datach’i alias for a brand new album entitled ‘System’. Featuring 16 tracks of beautiful yet unsettling electronic music recorded exclusively on a Eurorack Modular synth".
        Genre: Electronica
        Label: Timesig Released: 19th August
        Listen | Order
      2. V/A - New Moon EP
        V/A - New Moon EP
        The New Moon EP is the debut vinyl release from Next Phase Records. It follows in the same tradition as their previous CD and cassette compilations delivering diver- se break beat driven music supplied in bespoke hand crafted artwork. New Moon consists of four alternate takes on the drum and bass art form unrestricted by BPM. Cuts from Phuture-T, Double O, Infest & Tim Reaper and Leonux
        Genre: Drum & Bass / Breakbeat
        Label: Next Phase Records Released: 9th September
        Listen | Order
      3. Daze - Leisure Complex
        Daze - Leisure Complex
        New recruit to the UTTU family Daze drops 4 bangers oozing with old-skool rave sensibilities. This one's for the whistle crew!
        Genre: Bass Music / Dance
        Label: Unknown to the Unknown Released: 2nd September
        Listen | Order
      4. Spokes - Flight EP
        Spokes - Flight EP
        Spokes returns to Coyote Records with new EP, ‘Flight’. Consisting of four tracks, ‘Flight’ showcases an evocative, maturing sound and Spokes’ flair for original sound design — as testified by the dwindling space and eerie, pitched-up vocals of NYC singer-songwriter, Anna Folwell, utilised on opener, ‘Failed State’. The grand, ceremonious intro to square-wave grime flip, ‘Mercurial’, is also a highlight, while title-track, ‘Flight’ — a dreamy, washed out, beat-tape cut — again sees Spokes explore new dynamics to his sound. Latest Coyote signee, Miami-based producer Marks, also makes his bow for the label on ‘Flight’, turning in a crunchy, clapped-out remix of the title-track, ahead of his full debut EP in 2017.
        Genre: Electronica / Grime / Bass
        Label: Coyote Records Released: 19th August
        Listen | Order
      5. Youandewan - Luna Via
        Youandewan - Luna Via
        Youandewan makes his Voyage debut with Luna Via, a three track EP sitting comfortably at home, above the ether. The opening piece is spread across the A side, with two separate interpretations, 'Ciel' and 'Vessel'. 'Ciel' is the faster, uplifting predecessor to 'Vessel', which remains slow and nostalgic. On the flip, a touch of familiarity with the antonymously named Stranger (Glad Eye), a surging take on house music and Youandewan's various influences. Luna Via is also accompanied by a full sleeve interpretation by Melbourne's Sprinkles.
        Genre: House / Electronica
        Label: Voyage Released: 5th September
        Listen | Order

Mall Grab - I Just Wanna [HOTSHIT027] August 09 2016

It's here! Arguably this years summer anthem (at least as far as we're concerned!) "I Just Wanna" lands. Fresh from his sell out release on UTTU Mall grab returns to DJ Haus' naughty sister label Hot Haus Recs with 3 stripped back house jackers! This one is gunna fly!

mall grab hotshit027

Mall Grab - I Just Wanna
Hot Haus Recs [HOTSHIT027]

Check it out on the store HERE

In the meantime check out Mall Grab's recent live set recorded for the Boiler Room crew:

Breakfast with Unknown to the Unknown! August 02 2016

The Boiler Room crew recently stopped by DJ Haus' place to get a full rundown of what Unknown To The Unknown are about, and most importantly hear a bunch of forthcoming material from the label and their friends. DJ Octopus and Steve Murphy came through as well to deliver an awesome B2B session.

Check out the full set right 'ere:

Unearthed Sounds T-Shirts now available August 02 2016

Due to popular demand we have pressed up a limited amount of Unearthed Sounds branded T-Shirts.

Pressed on high quality 100% pre-shrunk cotton.

All sizes are available. White and Black colour variations. 

unearthed tees w&b

The T-Shirts also include a screen printed nape print:

Unearthed Nape

This new Unearthed branded merchandise can be found in our Merch section priced at £14.99 (inc. VAT), check the description for a size guide!

Out to everyone repping UE already!

Tunes & Chips | Louie Foamplate September 16 2015

Crucial Recordings proudly presents the third release on the label – one whose stock is growing and growing. The 7.5 EP comes courtesy of Brighton-based producer Foamplate who has already earned the support of big names like Distance, Mala, J:Kenzo and N Type.

To celebrate the release we sat down with man like Louie Foamplate, and asked the chip based questions.

Tunes & Chips | Sleeper, Crucial Recordings July 30 2015

I grew up in Coventry...There was not much of a music scene happening around there at the time, although there is a strong history of reggae and drum & bass.

Tunes & Chips | This time with Om Unit July 09 2015

...The turnablism came in later when I found the discipline helped me come out of a rough patch, it's quite hermitic learning to scratch, most people you meet who are into cutting are beautiful weirdos as a result of years of being indoors making weird sounds with their hands.

Danny Scrilla takes the Tunes and Chips Challenge June 12 2015

The label that introduced him to the world with his stunning ‘Flash Powder’ EP in 2012 now gives you his ‘True Sight’ EP. Including a collaboration with label boss Om Unit, drawing on the hardcore continuum and regression in modernist music True Sight’s soul-infused electronics and vintage sound should prove future-proof for the elusive soundboy.

Paxton Fettel takes the Tunes & Chips Challenge - Everything stays the same May 05 2015

Copenhagen's most infamous export Paxton Fettel joined us recently for a chat. He is over in the UK at the moment promoting his new LP on Greta Cottage Workshop, Everything stays the same, and chugging around Dartmoor in a pickup truck.

Edmondson Launches Lissoms Imprint May 02 2015

After his first releases on Hypercolour & Akkord’s EMF label garnered plays and support from Radio 1 to Berghain, Edmondson spent the latter half of 2014 further experimenting and refining his sound. Nocturnal 92 kicks off the first of a slew of releases on his new imprint, Lissoms.

D.K. and Antinote discuss the new record (and chips of course) March 11 2015

ANTINOTE is a new one on us - Care to tell a bit more?  Zaltan, Long story short, we created Antinote three years ago in Paris the 11th in a wine bar called Le Baron Rouge. I met IUEKE in that place, drinking wine, talking about records etc. He’s what we can call an icon in the record digging world.

Unearthed Sounds | 2.0 February 28 2015

We are moving to a larger premises next week! We have been at our current shop for just shy of a year now, and it has not been without its restrictions. Those of you who have been here will have seen the giant jenga puzzle that we faced when getting stock ready to ship for our customers.

Aural Imbalance takes the Tunes & Chips Challenge February 09 2015

We are proud of our South Coast roots around here, so it seems like we should fly the flag for our region. Lets shine our torch of truth on a proper South Coast Legend, and one of the nicest blokes in D&B (plus many other genres besides) Mr Aural Imbalance.

Jane Fitz talks Tunes and Chips January 14 2015

Next in our infrequent Q&A sessions with people who we like, we are proud to present the lovely Jane Fitz. She used to be a well kept secret, but these days word seems to be getting out to a MUCH wider audience about her varied DJ sets and her production skills with music partner Dom (Invisible Menders)

Unearthed Distribution Release Sheet 15.01.15 January 09 2015

Unearthed Sounds in Bournemouth are responsible for distributing all kinds of electronic music. This is a weekly bulletin, designed to keep our retail customers in the loop.

Unearthed Release Sheet 15.12.14 December 05 2014

Unearthed Sounds in Bournemouth are responsible for distributing all kinds of electronic music. This is a weekly bulletin, designed to keep our retail customers in the loop.

Unearthed Release Sheet 08.12.14 November 28 2014

Unearthed Sounds in Bournemouth are responsible for distributing all kinds of electronic music. This is a weekly bulletin, designed to keep our retail customers in the loop.

Unearthed Release Sheet 01.12.14 November 21 2014

Unearthed Sounds in Bournemouth are responsible for distributing all kinds of electronic music. This is a weekly bulletin, designed to keep our retail customers in the loop.

Unearthed Mix #2 | S1DJ | LDMUSIC November 20 2014

Unearthed Sounds Mix Series caught up with S1DJ, who owns and runs LDMUSIC. Based in South London, showcasing 'Musical' drum & bass from a broad spectrum of worldwide artists. Get your ears around a tasty mix done exclusively for us.

Unearthed Release Sheet 17.11.14 November 07 2014

Unearthed Sounds in Bournemouth are responsible for distributing all kinds of electronic music. This is a weekly bulletin, designed to keep our retail customers in the loop.

Unearthed Mix #1 | C.E.O | WNCL Recordings November 05 2014

We are pleased to present to you the first in the series of mixes from Unearthed Sounds. First up with the current release 'The Major Edits EP' just lading in stores now we have C.E.O representing WNCL Recordings with a mix bursting with menacing Techno smashers.

Unearthed Release Sheet 10.11.2014 October 31 2014

Unearthed Sounds in Bournemouth are responsible for distributing all kinds of electronic music. This is a weekly bulletin, designed to keep our retail customers in the loop.

A History of Mudkid and Greta Cottage Workshop | Dub Techno and Chips October 29 2014

The shadowy figure that is Mudkid is a hard man to track down. He has been releasing on Greta Cottage Workshop since the label started - back when it couldn't afford to put out vinyl and was a net label only. With a new record due any minute now, this is as good a time as any to have a closer look.