Whodamanny - Primaria Industria


(£11.48 Incl VAT)


Release Date: November 2016

“Dedicated to the interaction between body energy and natural elements"

A central player in the Fourth World Napoli crew and functioning within Mystic Jungle Tribe, Periodica and Early Sounds labels, Whodamanny presents his vision of a micro cosmic space opera in six parts on Firecracker’s sub-label Unthank.

• Whodamanny 6 track EP
• Strictly limited vinyl
• Silkscreened artwork by House Of Traps
• Clear Vinyl


a1. Iris Primum

a2. Indigo Auctoritas

a3. Crystal Aestus

b1. Iris Secundum

b2. Wise Glaciem

b3. Neuter Gyrum

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