Soukah - JAK FOU / Loner


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Released 30th September 2016.

Founded with the intent of bringing hidden sounds out of obscurity, Rarefied will project these sounds on to a platform to be experienced by the many denizens of sound system culture. While the music is made to enjoyed by all, it retains its identity as both an underground and unique form of artistic expression.

After a series of successful digital releases, Soukah bursts onto the vinyl scene, presenting a sound crafted over the course of almost a decade. His past works range from Industrial Noise to his own unique take on Dubstep. RARE1 showcases Soukah's versatile approach to production - His organic style, based on dark synthesis and unorthodox drum patterns, is a true representation of the Rarefied sound.

'JAK FOU' is the result of six months of studio time;  the classical piano riff combined with haunting percussion results in an experience akin to ingesting 18 grams of psycobilin. On the flip side 'Loner' is a far darker, moodier affair. Written solely by candlelight, the production evokes the darkest elements of Soukah's soul. This track is best enjoyed alone, in the wilderness.

a1. Soukah - JAK FOU

b1. Soukah - Loner

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