Eomac - Temple of the Jaguar


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Release Date: November


Temple of the Jaguar’ is the first release on Eomac’s new label ‘Eotrax’. A single sided pressing with an exclusive B-side etching by artist Sal Stapleton. 

An 11 minute conceptual track that attempts to explore structure and narrative, texture and tone, taking techno as a starting point, but seeking to move beyond its conventions and expectations. 

Conceived on a visit to Teotihuacan near Mexico City, inspired by both the cosmic and earthly power of the place, ‘Temple of the Jaguar’ attempts to find a way back to the animalistic nature within us all. A reconnection to the dark, sensual part of us that has been repressed for centuries in a limiting and limited, fearbased, patriarchal society. A reconnection to the body. A reconnection to femininity. A reconnection to wildness. To intuition. To sexuality. To earth. 

To self acceptance. 

Without fear, without shame.


a1. Temple of the Jaguar

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