Ekranoplan - Wing-In-Surface-Effect EP


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A1 – One Metre Up: Ekranoplan opens with a spaced experimental affair rocking a kind of tripped out adventure feel to it. The focus is the hypnotic rise and fall on pads and stab sounds having a delicate feel about them, a soothing vibe and thoughtful soundscape using those classic sounds from vintage sci-fi movies.

A2 – Coil: Going down a completely different path with a more beat driven retro house vibe. A set of very pronounced hi hats set the tune up, with cyclic bleeps that have a acid loop feel in structure. Arching stab sounds rise above the loops and add drama and a sense of urgency to the piece, head down and zone out with this tune.

B1 – Star Frog: A sat back piece, with the use of slight portmento pitch bending lead sounds that again create a dreamy kind of head space. This is heightened with the addition of chill pad chords that bring the whole energy of the track into a deeper realm. Controlled percussive hats keeps things moving along in a steady direction and the sounds develop over time into more edgy reversed style, eyes shut on this one and get lost in this soundscape.

B2 – Ground Effect Vehicle: The EP ends as it began with another slice of quality sci-fi sound fx based ambience, deep oscillating noises drift along taking you into the outer reaches of your own headspace. Sweeping pad sounds do really push you off and the use of space in the track really adds to the overall control that Ekranoplan has used on the tune.

In closing this EP is one for the deep heads amongst you, the use of deep sounds throughout is very well done and the addition of something that might be considered more dance floor orientated (Coil) does give the EP a more broad appeal.

a1. Ekranoplan - One Metre Up

a2. Ekranoplan - Coil

b1. Ekranoplan - Star Frog

b2. Ekranoplan - Ground Effect Vehicle

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