Draveng - The Dubious Smink


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Allergy Season

Look who dug a hole through the Earth... Fresh in Berlin from the subtropic suns of LA, Draveng is coming up in your schrebergarten with a cup of coffee and three exercises for Allergy Season.

Side A... First comes “Dubious Smink”, a rubbery wink of a snake’s housework. Then, open up and say ‘laaa” for the the vocal mix of synth rearranger, “No Flex Fit”. Side B: Things get dramatic here. Wilderness whimpers while wind whips water before Moses’ staff parts 4 to the floor kicks from divine mathematics. J. Tijn does what he does best and sears "For Thin Soles" into a blown out roller. Because 12" is not quite enough we are including two further digital only explorations of the Smink by Draveng: "Smink's Rusty Tool" and "Smink's Anthem." "The Dubious Smink" is best taken at night with no sleep and plenty of water. 

*FYI: Draveng is a recent transplant to Berlin after running the experimental tape label Saskian out of LA. J. Tijn is a rising force in the world of shredded techno after releases on Turbo and Pennyroyal. Allergy Season is the label run by Berlin via New Jersey producer Physical Therapy.


a1. Dubious Smink

a2. No Flex Fit

b1. For Thin Soles (Original Mix)

b2. For Thin Soles (J. Tijn Remix)

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